Liver Cancer – Symptoms and Treatments

Liver is an important organ that performs a number of different functions like maintaining fluid balance in the body, handling toxic substances etc. It also produces bile that is instrumental in breaking down fat. Occurrence of cancer in the liver is termed as liver cancer.

Types of Liver cancer

On a broad basis, we can classify liver cancer as primary liver cancer and secondary cancer. When cancer originates in the liver itself, it is called as primary liver cancer. Liver cancer is known as secondary liver cancer when it originates in some other part of the body and then spreads to liver (e.g. due to proximity of liver to the place where cancer originated in the body). Hepatoma and bile duct cancer are the two main types of liver cancer.

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ADHD Treatments

What are the new ADHD treatments, if any? Most parents seem resigned to the fact that psychostimulants combined with some behavioral therapy seems to be the best solution. But this is somewhat clouded by the bad press that the ADHD meds are getting.

ADHD treatment in children means drug therapy too. According to some specialists this is the first line therapy. All that the child needs is some stimulant drugs that help him/her to behave normally in his/ her surrounding. The drug treatment of the child must be multidimensional. The stimulants seem to work best when the question of treatment with drugs come to the forefront.

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ADHD Signs and Symptoms

Adults, children and teens – anyone can have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This is a variety of behavioral issues that lead to inattention, hyperactivity and impulsiveness, to name some things. Often noticing ADHD symptoms can help determine if a person needs treatment or assistance to help them deal with this situation. Sometimes the symptoms can be slight and others suffer from severe symptoms.

To best notice ADHD symptoms starts through being observant about the individual. They might not fit in with others and have difficulty making friends. An ADHD person is impulsive and has issues with social skills such as speaking loudly even if the group is already doing something else. Now, if a person is extremely dishonest even telling frequent small lies this might be a symptom of ADHD. It is a way of dealing with their frustrations due to social pressures and labeling of being different. To make friends and
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