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There’s a new conference series, whose acronym is pronounced “psycho”. It’s part of the new trend toward the study of “compositionality” in many branches of thought, often but not always using category theory:

The Symposium on Compositional Structures is a new interdisciplinary series of meetings aiming to support the growing community of researchers interested in the phenomenon of compositionality, from both applied and abstract perspectives, and in particular where category theory serves as a unifying common language. We welcome submissions from researchers across computer science, mathematics, physics, philosophy, and beyond, with the aim of fostering friendly discussion, disseminating new ideas, and spreading knowledge between fields. Submission is encouraged for both mature research and work in progress, and by both established academics and junior researchers, including students.

More details below! Our very own David Corfield is one of the invited speakers.

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I want to tell you about Elmendorf’s theorem on equivariant homotopy theory. This theorem played a key role in a recent preprint I wrote with Hisham Sati and Urs Schreiber:

We figured out how to apply this theorem in mathematical physics. But Elmendorf’s theorem by itself is a gem of homotopy theory and deserves to be better known. Here’s what it says, roughly: given any G -space X , the equivariant homotopy type of X is determined by the ordinary homotopy types of the fixed point subspaces X H , where H runs over all subgroups of G . I don’t know how to intuitively motivate this fact; I would like to know, and if any of you have ideas, please comment. Below the fold, I will spell out the precise theorem, and show you how it gives us a way to define a G -equivariant version of any homotopy theory.

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Today’s installment in the ongoing project to sketch the -elephant: atomic geometric morphisms.

Cole practicing parkour with Zeke at New Marais .

Four years prior to the Blast, Cole began practicing Urban Exploration; parkour and climbing. Nike Air Trainer 1 Mid PRM QS Dollar Bills Black/BlackMetallic GoldVPR Green 607081002 qvyC2WENep
He also traveled down to New Marais during his training, exploiting the drop of law enforcement. Through extensive training, Cole was able to perform parkour with ease, able to walk on narrow cables and climb buildings. This has aided him well in his job as a bike messenger in Side Slit Cut Out Block Heel Ankle Bootie w Antique Belt Buckle Tan zXs5JGnzoQ
. [1]

Being a latent Conduit, Cole also seemed to have a stronger resistance and endurance to injury, as he was able to make it out alive after being run over by a freight truck during the time before the Blast. Zeke mentions this to Trish when the latter was worried if Cole will get out of his coma or not, assuring her that he'll be fine. [4]

Cole, discovering his powers, with Trish Dailey at his side.

Cole, executing one of his many forms of attack.

Over the month after his fight with Kessler, his powers grew tremendously. For one he appeared to have an unlimited supply of energy, and his hands had electricity flowing through them when in a fight, as though he was using a permanent form of Karmic Overload . His Bolts had become much more powerful, with the size and power of Rockets (they never hurt him if he fired too close to himself), but chained electricity like Lightning Bolts, and had a smaller radius of explosion. His grenades apparently lost their adhesive abilities, as any grenades he threw would bounce off the Beast's skin. His Electromagnetic Shockwaves had evolved into Blasts , no longer appear like swirling circular electrified blasts, instead appearing more similar to an expanding Polarity Wall, and a wider area of effect.

His endurance had increased to the point that he could survive being crushed between the Beast's hands for a very long time. His Static Thrusters were much more powerful than before, though he still couldn't use them to fly. He had also learned how to summon Lightning Storms while on uneven ground, giving him a huge advantage in battle.

Cole obtains a Blast Core, which will grant him a new power after use.

At the end of the battle with the Beast, Cole's powers were drained, and he lost a lot of his advanced powers. He could no longer fire Megawatt Hammers, create Polarity Walls, or summon Lightning Storms. He stopped using some of his other powers such as Overload Burst (Good Karma) and Arc Lightning (Evil Karma). Cole received new powers through the use of the Blast Cores , refined cores of used Ray Spheres.

Cole using Firebird Strike.

Cole is also able to gain bonuses that coincide with his Karmic rank, such as the ability to heal several civilians at once, and also able to gain unlimited power for a limited time after performing a Forever Womens Chapter14 Faux Leather Mid Calf Boots With Double Zipper Decoration Brown NI0bVjg
onto an individual. Both of these upgrades are automatically received after reaching the specific Karmic rank. Several other upgrades function the same, and can only be gained once a specific Karmic rank is achieved.

This is version 2.02 of the IATI Standard. See other versions .
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This is the reference page for the XML element participating-org . See also the relevant overview page: Organisations


An organisation involved with the activity. May be a donor, fund, agency, etc. Specifying the @ref identifier is strongly recommended. May contain the organisation name as narrative.

If the reporting organisation plays a role in the activity it should be repeated here. One organisation may play more than one role (eg, funding and implementing): in such a case each role should be reported and the name of the organisation repeated.


This element must occur at least once (within each parent element).


Machine-readable identification string for the organisation. Must be in the format {Registration Agency} - (Registration Number} where {Registration Agency} is a valid code in the Registration Agency code list and {Registration Number } is a valid identifier issued by the {Registration Agency}. If this is not present then the narrative MUST contain the name of the organisation.

This value must be of type xsd:string.

should match the regex

Either or must be present.

The type of organisation issuing the report. See IATI codelist for values.

This value must be on the .

An IATI code describing the organisation’s role in the activity (donor, agency, etc.).

This attribute is required.

A valid activity identifier published by the participating organisation which points to the activity that it has published to IATI that describes its role in this activity.

Example participating-org in an iati-activity .

An example organisation of is declared.
The attribute declares a valid code ( ) from the codelist.
The attribute declares a valid code ( ) from the codelist.
The attribute declares an IATI activity identifier.

As demonstrated in the the above example, it is strongly recommended that the name of the organisation is provided (using the narrative child element) in addition to a valid organisation identifier. Where an organisation identifier is not present the name (using the narrative child element) is mandatory.

The element can be repeated in any .
In this example, three are declared.
The attribute was added .

Freetext is no longer allowed with this element. It should now be declared with the new child narrative element.

David Denmark

executive director, The Maclellan Foundation, Inc.

Rick has the key to unlock a new level of communicating biblical ideals, and he provides thesolid tools to make it a leadership lifestyle.

Roger Parrott

president, Belhaven University

Foreword by David Denmark Acknowledgments Introduction

Part One: Storycentric Learning

1. The Power of Story 2. Literacy and Story 3. Story as A Guide To

Part Two: Leadership Development 4. In Search of Leadership 5. The Scope of Leadership Development 6. The Process of Leadership Development Part Three: Christ-Centered Leadership 7. Leadership Matters 8. Leadership Reformation 9. Leading with A Long View 10. Leading with Virtue 11. Leading Others toward Their Potential 12. Christ-Centered Leadership Applied

Part Four: The Garden Project 13. The Garden Project: Our Journey Conclusion Endnotes References Index

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Dynamics and Trends, 1988–2013

by: Steve Sang-Cheol Moon (Author)

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This book provides the most thorough, penetrating analysis of trends in Korean missions to date. Seasoned researcher Steve Sang-Cheol Moon maps the relatively recent rise and explosive growth of the Korean missionary movement, studying the mission force and significant themes in its experience over a twenty-five-year period. These articles and papers supply data on every facet: mission fields and ministry foci; finances; age, marriage, family, and general demographics; training and credentials; burnout and attrition; education of missionary children; leadership trends; and global partnership.

These chapters do not merely catalogue statistics—they probe beneath the surface to ask hard questions and set priorities for Korean missions. Moon explores painful subjects such as the 2007 hostage incident involving short-term workers in Afghanistan, and chronic concerns like workaholism and missionaries’ retirement. Ultimately, however, he finds much to commend and celebrate, tracing God’s providence in making Korea, within the span of a few decades, a dynamic leader in global missions.

This volume is probably the best portrait available of what God has done through a young church, a church that itself was emerging from a series of national calamities. . . . It has been my joy to see the way Steve Moon has operated as a researcher during the past twenty-five years. . . . His work is based on hard data and is planted on solid ground.

David Tai Woong Lee

Director, Global Leadership Focus, Seoul, Korea

Packed with statistics and numbers and percentages, trends and longitudinal studies and case studies, Moon’s research boldly and creatively mines the Korean church and mission movement, driving shafts deep into its golden missiological heart. . . . This book is perhaps the most serious analysis of any national mission movement, providing a template for other nations, both Global North and South.

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