Vans Kids Authentic Lo Pro Little Big Blk/Blk RKCKUja

Vans Kids Authentic Lo Pro (Little Big) Blk/Blk RKCKUja
  • Canvas
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately Low-Top" from arch
  • Skate/Lifestyle
Vans Kids Authentic Lo Pro (Little Big) Blk/Blk RKCKUja Vans Kids Authentic Lo Pro (Little Big) Blk/Blk RKCKUja Vans Kids Authentic Lo Pro (Little Big) Blk/Blk RKCKUja Vans Kids Authentic Lo Pro (Little Big) Blk/Blk RKCKUja

$25 pp includes all supplies need to make two (2) painting wine glasses.This month you will be painting your very own Mardi Gras Wine Glasses!

Must register prepay.NonRefundable.

ELLIE THRILL 5 Chunky Heel Thigh High Stretch Boots White 6 Size ECNvAQMI
Saturday, January 21, 2017 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Riverwood Winery

We are pleased to have Frank Rardon perform once again atthe winery! Frank's acoustic Americana sounds will keep you entertained.With over twenty years of songwriting experience, Frank uses his songs, hisvoice and his guitar to share stories of love, family, and personal lifeexperiences. Frank loves to entertain making his performances an enjoyableexperience for everyone!

Live Music at Windy Wine Co.
Saturday, January 21, 2017 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Windy Wine Company

Live Music with Brad Allen

The 15th Annual St. Louis
Friday, January 27, 2017 - 5:00pm to Sunday, January 29, 2017 - 5:00pm
The Chase Park Plaza

About Food and Wine

The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis is proud to present the 15th Annual St. Louis Food and Wine Experience. With more than 900 wines to taste and culinary delights around every corner – this is certainly the can’t-miss event of the year no matter which tickets you purchase!

Proceeds benefit The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis and its commitment to offering quality theatre to our region including classics, cutting-edge and new works. In addition to its Mainstage and Studio Series productions, The Rep serves an average of 20,000 students and their families each year, bringing the myth and magic of theatre to schools and public spaces.

Since ticket sales only cover 60% of the cost of producing a season, The Rep relies on events like the St. Louis Food Wine Experience as well as donations from individuals, corporations and foundations to help bridge the financial gap and make it possible forThe Rep to continue its effort to keep the St. Louis region a culturally vibrant place to live and work.

Missouri Wines is sponsoring the event's App which is a great tool for planning and navigating this exciting event. Click here to download the app.

For more information and purchase your tickets, visit .

Tipple Hill Winery Vineyard- Color
Friday, January 27, 2017 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Tipple Hill Winery

Color Me Wine an adult coloring event$10 pp includes all supplies need to create yourown coloring project.

$20 pp NonRefundable.

BalaMasa Ladies KittenHeels Metalornament Frosted PumpsShoes Darkblue pxQmlY
Friday, July 8, 2016 - 5:00pm to 8:00pm
Blumenhof Winery

Jim McClaren (Blues/Rock) will perform at Blumenhof Winery in Dutzow, MO on Friday, July 8 from 5-8pm. Friday Happy Hour is from 4-6pm.

Excelsior Springs Chamber Trolley Wine Tour
Saturday, July 9, 2016 - 11:00am to 4:00pm
Willow Spring Mercantile

Event Description:

Your adventure will begin in downtown Excelsior Springs at Willow Spring Mercantile with lunch served in the wine cellar, followed by a tastingof Missouri-made wines. Then everyone will hop on the trolley to head out to Fence Stile Vineyards Winery, followed by Van Till Family Farm Winery in Rayville. Our last stop on the tour is at Four Horses and a Dog Winery before concluding back in downtown Excelsior Springs. Each tour stop will include a full tasting experience. Guests will also receive a souvenir wine bag with discounts and offers from area businesses.

Cajun Concert on the Hill
Saturday, July 9, 2016 - 12:00pm to 5:00pm
Stone Hill Winery

The Swampweed Cajun Dancehall Band will be here for traditional, foot-stompin', accordion squeezed, French howlin' music from the swamps. Expect lots of lively dance tunes Saturday from 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Tickets available at the door. Mouth-watering Cajun food available as well.

Mike Forristal Live at Blumenhof Winery
Saturday, July 9, 2016 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm
Blumenhof Winery

Mike Forristal (Classic Rock) will perform at Blumenhof Winery in Dutzow, MO on Saturday, July 9 from noon to 3pm.

FRYE Womens Ray Fringe OTK Slouch Boot Camel Suede r23Pvc
Saturday, July 9, 2016 - 12:00pm to 5:00pm
Stone Hill Winery

The Swamp-weed Cajun Dance-hall Band will be here for traditional, foot stompin, accordion squeezed, French howlin music from the swamps. Expect lots of lively dance tunes! Mouth watering Cajun Food also available.

-no cover charge

Keds Womens Champion Metallic Linen Sneaker Silver T18sRdAgC9
Saturday, July 9, 2016 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Riverwood Winery
Gabor Womens Gabor 34160 Black Nubuk Lavato Flat UK 85 US Womens 11 B M PLWcc7bhL3
Saturday, July 9, 2016 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Top Hat Winery

Come and enjoy painting and wine! What a great combo! We have a local art instructor that does a fantastic job of walking you through to a masterpiece! The class is limited to 30 guess.

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Diversity in Media , Privilege in the Media

Social justice activists and writers have built on Peggy McIntosh’s original essay on privilege in 1988, by adding to and modifing the original list to highlight how privilege is not merely about race or gender, but that it is a series of interrelated hierarchies and power dynamics that touch all facets of social life: race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, education, gender identity, age, physical ability, passing, etc. These categories will be further discussedbelow.

One thing to keep in mind when looking at how privilege operates is that privilege, discrimination, and social groups all operate within interrelated hierarchies of power, dominance, and exclusion. Just because someone is privileged in one way doesn’t mean they may not be underprivileged in another (and vice-versa). It is therefore important to be aware of the various groups to which one belongs in order to be able to question our own participation in a system of discrimination andprivilege.

There are many different kinds of privilege that exist but regardless of how groups are divided, the privileged group is the one that is commonly treated as the baseline against which the others are judged or compared – it is seen as “ordinary”. Consider some of the following kinds ofprivilege:

Ability: Being able-bodied and without mental disability. Actors with disabilities frequently find themselves passed up for roles even if those roles are for characters with the same disability. Moreover, while fully enabled actors are often cast in roles as disabled characters, actors with a disability are almost never asked to play enabled characters. Individuals who are mentally enabled never find their status used as a justification for criminal behaviour in film and television, but we often see mental illness portrayed in exactly such alight.

C lass: Class can be understood both in terms of and , both of which provide privilege. Social class can determine access to opportunities, to participation in politics, and opens up particular educational and vocational doors more easily. From a social and media standpoint, consider how different social classes are represented. It is also important to note that the majority of the media are created by and for a specific social class. How are certain jobs portrayed in the media compared toothers?

Education: Access to higher education confers with it a number of privileges as well. Educational privilege opens a number of doors to higher paying careers (which links it to social class privilege). Educational privilege can also confer unearned credibility on an individual: For instance, many television and radio show hosts append the prefix “Dr.” to their name in order to use a PhD. to suggest they can offer medical or psychiatricadvice.

Gender: Male-identified, masculine individuals still hold a level of privilege over people of other genders. Another word for the systemic operation of male privilege is “patriarchy”. In the media, we still see male authority superseding others. Men continue to be overrepresented in leadership roles and as news commentators. Men, their stories, and their perspectives continue to be vastly overrepresented in video games, film, and television programs, both onscreen and behind thescenes.

Gender Identity: While often linked to sexual orientation and gender privilege, this is the privilege that comes with having a gender identity (how one identifies and express oneself in gendered terms) that conforms to the gender identity that was assigned at birth and to societal and cultural expectations of such a gender identity. In terms of media representation, it is extremely rare to find representations of individuals whose gender identity does not conform to cultural expectations. In the rare instances that such characters are portrayed, their gender-nonconformity is typically used to elicit fear, apprehension, or laughter, or may be portrayed as a kind of mentalillness.

Passing: Passing is the ability to appear to belong to another group. The ability to pass is itself a privilege because it allows an individual to claim the advantages of a more privileged group. In the media, passing becomes easier for certain groups than for others and certain types of passing are particularly celebrated: Consider, for instance, how a straight, white, mentally and physically enabled man is often congratulated for his “courage” in playing a gay man or a person with a mental disability in a film or television. At the same time, we rarely see many accolades when a queer-identified individual plays straight and there are rare instances in which a person with an apparent disability plays a character who is fully enabled. Race-bending (changing the race of a character for a film or television adaptation), whitewashing (making characters of ambiguous or unstated ethnicity white), blackface, “cripface”, and a variety of other practices all help to illustrate how passing becomes a privilege in the media. If one considers that in Hollywood 82 per cent of lead roles are for characters of Caucasian ethnicity, we can see how tangible a privilege passing canbe.

Racial: In the West, racial privilege is usually equated with white privilege since power, money, and influence tends to be concentrated among Caucasians in Western Europe and North America. Racial privilege is institutionalized racism: a system that is structured to privilege one group over others. In the media, consider how race plays into determining character types androles.

Religious: Religious privilege comes with being a member of the dominant religion in a culture – to have one’s own religious practices and observances recognized as the norm. In North America and much of Europe, Christian faiths hold privilege over most others. In the media, religious privilege translates to a normalizing of one’s tenets of faith while alternative faiths are often portrayed as novel, strange, or even overlymystical.

Sexuality: Heterosexual privilege includes the assumption that everyone is heterosexual which forces Queer people to be constantly undergoing a coming out process in their daily lives. In the media, we rarely see lead characters who are Queer-identified unless the character’s sexuality is pivotal to the plot. Conversely, heterosexual characters enact their sexuality constantly (the presence of things like wedding rings, photos of children, discussions about one’s spouse in various media are all indications of a character’s sexuality, but are hardly ever noticed by the audience. This is not the case if the character is in a same-sex relationship) but it goes unnoticed because of its privileged status. Sexuality privilege also includes sexual practices and sexual history – the media often associates a woman’s worth with her sexual history through the hypersexualization of women, but also by relating a girl’s self-worth to her chastity and the public disparagement of women who are sexually active. This links sexuality privilege to gender privilege aswell.

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